How to Retrofit a Fixture for the DEBB LED Lamp

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How to Retrofit a Fixture for the DEBB LED Lamp

The Energy Focus Commercial Double-Ended Ballast Bypass LED tube (DEBB) features a direct-wire installation mode and allows existing lampholders (shunted or non-shunted) to be utilized, providing customers with significant savings by reducing the average retrofit installation time. The Commercial DEBB does not require any ballast to function normally, minimizing points of failure and requiring less maintenance. The Commercial DEBB reaffirms Energy Focus’ commitment to producing products that are high quality, long-lasting and sustainable.

You can view our retrofit installation video below and follow along with our 10 easy steps with pictures!

How to Retrofit a Fixture for the DEBB LED Lamp

1. Turn off the main power

2. Dispose of fluorescent lamps

debb installation

3. Remove the ballast cover

DEBB installation

4. Disconnect and cut live and neutral wiring from the ballast and set aside

Single-ended installation

5. Cut the wires leading to the lampholders from the ballast

DEBB installation

6. Remove the ballast

Single-ended installation

7. Connect one side of the lampholders to the live wire and the other set to the neutral wire with wire caps


8. Reconnect the wiring clip

ballast cover

9. Cover the wires with the ballast cover

DEBB installation

10. Install Energy Focus DEBB tube and turn on the main power

Your installation is complete!

In addition to the 10 year, no hassle, warranty, that is standard with the DEBB LED lamp, retrofitting your old fluorescent fixtures with new Energy Focus DEBB LED lamps will save you money on your energy bills. By removing the ballast, you are saving yourself time and the cost of your energy bills.

If you have installation questions or are interested in Energy Focus LED products, please contact us and we will be happy to help you!