Energy Focus works hard every day to provide premier LED retrofit technologies to the world. To create the latest innovative lighting products, we use a variety of resources from grants to suggestions, patents and more.

Leading Innovation

2011: The Military M1 Intellitube

Following four successful DARPA awards that resulted in four military tough and energy efficient LED luminaires being installed in the U.S. Navy fleet, Energy Focus recognized the need for a “sailor proof” retrofit lamp to replace the ubiquitous 2’ T12 lamps that were the mainstay light source since the 1960’s.

The M1 Intellitube serviced this need perfectly.  It’s advanced integrated driver is able to install into any compatible fixture and operate on the existing fluorescent ballast and emergency lighting systems, the upgrade was literally as easy as changing a light bulb.  The M1 was also one of the first “dual-mode” products as it also ran directly from line voltage, in a direct wire installation.  In this case, fluorescent ballasts and starters are completely removed and power routed directly to the socket, improving performance, reducing the number of failure-components installed, the number of inventory spares necessary to replace them, and removing the deadweight that both represented.

The Navy recognized the negative impact of high light flicker on the quality of life of the sailors, and at their request, the M1 reduced the >80% flicker present on the magnetically ballasted fluorescent systems to 15%.

It is producing over 120lm/W when the LED field was struggling to make 80lm/W cost-effective.  At this level, it cut energy consumption in half, and made payback less than one year.  More importantly, the M1 dramatically reduced necessary maintenance.  The high vibration shipboard environment limited the mean time to failure of a fluorescent tube to 90 days.  The expectation of the M1 was to extend this to three years.

There are over 500,000 M1’s in circulation and installed, the M1 has far surpassed this expectation, with fewer than ten reported failures.

At the current penetration, the M1 saves the Navy $19 Million dollars in fuel, every year.

Energy Focus is proud to serve the mission of the United States Navy. To learn more about Energy Focus’ work with the U.S. Navy, read our case study here.

production worker performing light up test on M1

2013: Single-End Direct Wire, Flicker-Free Technology

Recognizing the commercial potential of the internal driver technology to deliver high performance and reliability with a simple retrofit of fluorescent fixtures, Energy Focus introduced the first of its direct wire lamps at 100lm/W performance.  Direct wire still represents the simplest, safest, and most sustainable method of retrofit in the market.

These products also included a novel two-stage driver that provided pure DC current to the LEDs, making them the first flicker free tubes on the market.

The 300D and 500D series lamps represent the third and fourth generations of this technology, and continue to provide best-in-class energy efficiency and lowest total cost of ownership.

2015: The Intellitube

To help bridge the adoption of tubular LED retrofit, Energy Focus brought its dual-mode technology from the Navy M1 product into the commercial mainstream, introducing a Intellitube that was compatibile on a wide range of fluorescent ballasts while also supporting internal driver for direct wire installation, giving customers the option for a ballast-free, low maintenance future.  The Intellitube’s patented technology averts risk of hazards for the installations is can encounter, while offering outstanding performance in both modes: operation on a ballast is often only 1-2W more than direct wire operation.

Winner of the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society Innovation Award.

three LED tubes on white background

2016:  Network Ready

The Network Ready product combined standards compliant dimming controls with our internal driver technology, offering energy savings and advanced controls capability with the simplicity of tubular retrofit.

Winner of the 2016 FEMP Jump Award and 2nd Place 2017 PennWell Sapphire Award.

2017: The RedCap Emergency Battery Backup

The RedCap technology addresses a much-needed issue with retrofit lighting, and that is a simple to deploy, cost-effective, and aesthetically compatible emergency lighting solution.  The RedCap builds on our flicker-free, integrated driver technology to further integrate the batteries, charger, discharger, and power outdetection into the tube.  Installation is as easy as direct wiring both sockets, and it is compatible with any existing wiring configuration.

Winner of the 2017 PennWell Sapphire award and 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report Award.

RedCap emergency battery backup