Energy Focus 5-Year Warranty

Energy Focus 5-Year Standard Warranty on LED Products

The Energy Focus Promise

5-Year Product Life Warranty

Under the Energy Focus 5-year warranty, customers are responsible for the regular care and maintenance of the products they purchase. As such, Energy Focus will not repair, replace, or issue credit for any product failure caused by fire, misuse, mishandling of any type, misapplication of the product purchased,, accidents, abuse of the product, neglect, vandalism, customer negligence, civil disturbances, corrosive environment installations, improper installation carried out by the Purchaser/installer; excessive heat  of any type, Acts of God, failure to follow installation, operating, maintenance, or environmental instructions provided by Energy Focus or applicable electrical codes, electrical supply conditions, being placed into service under conditions or requirements other than those mentioned in respective product brochures or user/installation manuals, or improper service, care or maintenance as determined by Energy Focus’ inspection upon the product’s return.

To find more information about our warranties, and the terms and conditions of purchase and sale, please refer to the Terms and Conditions page of our website.