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FACILITYMANAGEMENT.COM Features Article on HCL by CEO James Tu

Energy Focus Article

HUMAN-CENTRIC LIGHTING – MANY BENEFITS IN THE POST-PANDEMIC WORLD has featured an article on human-centric lighting by CEO James Tu.

Light is rarely the focal point of a space. Aside from a rainbow after a rainstorm or a sunset over the ocean, we often don’t even see light, we just see with it. That may be one reason lighting considerations occur as an afterthought for many facilities. Despite the significant energy efficiency improvement LED lighting brought over the past decade or so, lights typically fly under the radar of a building’s occupants. However, the coming wave of Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) technologies and products will bring the discernable impacts of lighting to a whole new level, one which has been previously “unseen” since the time electric lighting was first commercialized back in the Thomas Edison days. A breakthrough development in the evolution of HCL is the ability to integrate self-contained UV-C disinfection within the units that can continuously reduce pathogen levels in the air while preventing human exposure to harmful UV rays. is a leading industry resource and an educational tool that teaches facility managers and the building team to operate, maintain, and design facilities efficiently, economically, safely, securely, and green. The editorial mission is to report on the topics, issues, trends, and products that impact facilities management in U.S. schools, universities, hospitals, and related industries.