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LEDS MAGAZINE Features An Article By CEO James Tu on Human-Centric Lighting

Energy Focus Article


LEDs Magazine has released an article written by James Tu in their magazine and on their website titled, “Make human-centric lighting the center of a post-pandemic built environment.”

Lighting is hands down the most visible and universal technology humans are exposed to in the built environment. In the modern world, people spend approximately 90% of the time indoors, mostly with the lights on, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Even outdoors, during evening hours, lighting is still required to accompany human activities. In the digital, post-COVID-19 world, LED lighting has an advantageous position to become the control hub that seamlessly brings together technologies for enriching human lives. Already, advanced solid-state lighting (SSL) systems can provide more amicable and productive human-centric lighting, which has also been described as circadian lighting but literally and broadly represents lighting that could benefit human health and physiology

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