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Marine Log Features Energy Focus Director of Sustainability

Energy Focus News


Marine Log Features Energy Focus Director of Sustainability, Chris Johnston, in the article, “Ports focus more on going green than ever.”

Christopher Johnston is the director of total sustainability at Energy Focus in Solon, Ohio. He acknowledges the heightened focus on ports—and on the U.S. transportation industry as well—with grant money becoming available for them to put sustainable efforts into place.

“Climate change is a growing concern for port owners and operators, shipping companies and other maritime businesses,” he says. “Ports are under varying degrees of public and policy pressure to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). However, the growth opportunities for seaports that prioritize sustainability are also ever increasing. Transportation makes up roughly 44%, which was valued at approximately $1,440 billion in 2015. Action plans put forth by PIANC and the International Association of Ports and Harbors, such as the Navigating a Changing Climate Action Plan, have led numerous ports to take advantage of EPA grants to launch their sustainability programs.”