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Since 2007, Energy Focus LED lighting has maintained an accumulated failure rate of less than 0.1%, compared to the industry average of 3% or higher, saving you time and money on replacement costs and giving you unequaled peace of mind for making the right LED lighting choice. Pioneering the launch of direct-wire LED tubes in 2009, Energy Focus has developed and launched a series of breakthrough products, including RedCap®, our patented, back-up battery integrated LED tube, as well as our patent-pending EnFocus™ lighting control platform that make quality, convenient and affordable dimmable, color tunable, and autonomous circadian lighting possible.

Of all that we strive for, we aim to be the most trusted LED lighting partner for our customers. We are proud of providing service, training, and support of utmost quality to our customers and channel partners. Our 5 and 10-year warranties offer full coverage with no fine print. If there are any issues within the warranty period, we will stand by our products and you can return them to us for a replacement at no cost to you.


We believe our clients can affordably increase energy efficiency—saving more energy and reducing their carbon footprint—and enhance employee well-being through an utterly simple and powerful control lighting platform such as EnFocus™. People spend almost 90% of their time indoors and lighting touches us all every day: influencing our mood, alertness, and productivity during the day and quality of sleep at night. Controlling artificial light relieves stress levels and increases the capacity for effective work and learning.

The RedCap® LED Emergency Battery Backup offers a first-in-class solution for simplifying emergency lighting installations. Eliminating the need for bulky, external emergency backup ballasts, this product combines standard and emergency egress lighting in one tubular LED lamp. As the first UL-Approved, direct-wire (Type B) TLED lamp, RedCap® operates at 145 lm/W under normal lighting conditions, and in the event of a loss of power, the tube remains illuminated for the code-required 90 minutes.