mUVe™ – UVC Surface Disinfection Robot

mUVe™ is an autonomous surface disinfection robot that enables chemical-free disinfection with 99.9%+ effectiveness within the range of 1 meter (or 3.3 feet). All surfaces within the line of sight of the robot as well as the floor will be disinfected with a focused, powerful beam of UVC light. Moving at an amazing speed of 18 inches per second, mUVe™ disinfects 99.9%+ of approximately 10,000 square feet of space within one hour. And with cloud-based mapping capability, machine vision-powered sensors, and voice warning systems, mUVe™ can be operated easily and safely.

  • Delivers 99.9%+ disinfection of surface pathogens including influenza and coronavirus
  • Moves 18 inches per second disinfecting approximately 10,000 square feet of space in one hour
  • UVC light is safely directed at surfaces and floors via a proprietary parabolic reflector and floor mounted lamp
  • Fully autonomous, cloud based mapping technology allows mUVe™ to track, store and disinfect 2M square feet of space
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  • wattage N/A
  • lens N/A
  • connection N/A
  • Input Voltage N/A
  • housing N/A
  • driver N/A
  • efficacy N/A
  • Environmental Requirements N/A
  • Color Temperature N/A
  • Lumen Output N/A
  • CRI N/A
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