nUVo™ – UV-C Air Disinfection Tower

The nUVo™ portable UV-C air disinfection tower provides powerful, continuous air disinfection and enables easy transport between rooms. With an enclosed UV-C chamber it can achieve 4 air changes per hour (4 ACH) in a 200-square-foot room. nUVo™ doesn’t need filter changes and the easily replaced UV-C lighting module lasts over 10,000 hours (over 2 years if used 12 hours per day on average).

  • Delivers 99.9%+, 24 hour airborne pathogen disinfection including influenza and coronavirus
  • 4 air changes per hour (4 ACH) in a 200 square-foot room
  • Safe and filter free with easily replaceable UV-C lighting module that lasts 10,000 hours
  • Affordable and effective performance in an aesthetically pleasing tower design


  • wattage N/A
  • lens N/A
  • connection N/A
  • Input Voltage N/A
  • housing N/A
  • driver N/A
  • efficacy N/A
  • Environmental Requirements N/A
  • Color Temperature N/A
  • Lumen Output N/A
  • CRI N/A
  • warranty N/A




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