Penn State University: Bryce Jordan Center

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Penn State University: Bryce Jordan Center

Penn State Bryce Jordan Center

We wanted to evaluate the best, long-term solution from the standpoint of ease of installation, reduction of cost, reduction of utilities, and customer experience. When we started looking into this, the 10-year warranty of the Energy Focus product is what caught our eye.

Rick James, Director of Operations

The Bryce Jordan Center, located at the Penn State University in University Park, PA, opened in January of 1996 and is a 16,000 seat multi-purpose facility that hosts career fairs, commencement, touring shows, and basketball games.

To meet Penn State University’s sustainability initiatives to reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, The Bryce Jordan Center was looking for a lighting solution that could not only reduce energy consumption significantly but also provide reliable and healthy lighting for its students and faculties. Along with the unique flicker-free features, they also received a 10-year warranty—validated by over 10 years of proven quality history of commercial LED lighting—from Energy Focus.

In their retrofit installation, they have replaced approximately 1,800 fluorescent lamps ranging from downlights, T5 fixtures, and T8 fixtures in viewing suites, concourse, common corridors, emergency exits, and mechanical spaces. They estimate a 1.6 to 1.8 year payback based on energy consumption alone.

Beyond energy benefits, The Bryce Jordan Center has been able to cut down maintenance time in replacing lighting, stocking less parts, reducing the number of lamps by half, and completely removing required hazmat disposal of fluorescent tubes.

If you are looking for a more sustainable solution to lighting, contact us to get more information on how Energy Focus LED lighting can help with your green initiatives.

Penn State University Bryce Jordan Center LED Lighting Retrofit