Mission-Ready with the Navy

LEDs: Brighter, Safer, Easier, Better. The USS Gettysburg made the switch from fluorescent to the Energy Focus M1 and experienced a world of difference in quality of light as well as quality of life.

Energy Focus started working with the US Navy back in 2003 after receiving a $10 million contract to improve the energy efficiency of solar panels on ships. In 2011, Energy Focus was able to continue researching cutting-edge LED technology after winning a $23 million contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to install explosion-proof globes and retrofit existing T12 fluorescent tubes on Navy ships with energy-efficient LED tubes.

Since then, Energy Focus has installed close to 500,000 lamps and continues to source lighting for every retrofitted surface ship in the U.S. Navy. With a failure rate of <0.1%, Energy Focus LED lighting is helping the Navy not only increase energy-efficiency, but reduce fuel costs, cut weight, significantly reduce maintenance costs and improve sailor safety. With approximately 500,000 tubes cutting electricity and maintenance costs by 80% when compared to fluorescents, Energy Focus is saving the Navy 30,600 gallons of fuel/ship and over 365 tons of C02 emissions annually.

Additionally, since LEDs have a minimum 35-year shelf life, the Navy no longer has to stock up to 6 months worth of ballasts and extra glass tubes making significant cuts in the weight of the ships and the time sailors have to spend changing light bulbs. Maintenance crews have been reduced from 24 sailors to about 4, allowing sailors to dedicate their time to more important mission operations.