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Sustainable Lighting



Energy Focus’ lamp-focused philosophy enables future, advanced LED upgrades without replacing whole fixtures, avoiding 7-50 times of unnecessary waste generated from fixture replacements and making EnFocus™ DM and DCT products easily the most sustainable LED lighting systems in the market. EnFocus™ can maximize energy savings, sustainability and human health through simple control switch and/or lamp upgrades.


LEDs have brought renewed attention to the biological impact of lighting, increasing demand for lights that promote both physiological and emotional well-being. In addition to lumen output control through dimming mechanisms, there are two additional primary biological advantages of LED in high quality products: precise control over the wavelengths emitted, and control of both visible and invisible flicker. Controlling the wavelengths emitted by the lamps has enabled the development of lighting systems where the spectral output can be changed during the day to better match our biological clocks – our circadian rhythms. Additionally, LEDs’ closer match to natural sunlight results in better color differentiation, brighter whites, better color saturation and overall better color vision.

Light has a remarkable capacity to influence well-being. Recent research has shown the disruption of the biological circadian clock leads to a dysregulation of immune responses, which govern the physiological processes that prevent disease. Reinforcing the circadian rhythm of high-risk people–in hospitals for example–may boost immunity and prevent hospital-acquired infections. Numerous studies demonstrate an increase in the morbidity risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, and cancers from the disturbance of one’s circadian rhythm.


While energy savings often initiate the discussion to switch to LED, other non-energy costs could be even more powerful catalysts. Jones Lang Lasalle’s real estate industry rule of thumb, called the “3-30-300”, states that each year on average it costs a building $3 per square foot in utilities, $30 per square foot in rent, and $300 per square foot in payroll.

Better lighting means healthier and happier workers who are destined to be more productive. One study found happier employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees. If improved lighting reduces wasted time by even 5 minutes per day—1% of a standard workday—that would equate to a $500 savings per person per year for employees with an annual salary of $50,000. This can be achieved by suppressing melatonin with the right kind of quality, low-flicker light during the day through applying higher lumen output and higher, or “cooler”, color temperature light. This induces alertness, which results in increased productivity, improved mood, and the cascading effects of healthier metabolisms and immune systems.

Through technological innovations, EnFocus™ enables organizations to focus on the projects that provide the most benefits to society while retaining resources to further their mission.