UV-C Disinfection Solutions

Advanced UV-C Disinfection Solutions for EVERYONE

The world is in an unprecedented battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. Minimizing virus counts in the indoor spaces, where people spend more than 90% of time and where viruses could stay alive for hours or even days, is paramount to curtail the contagions. Energy Focus applies the proven disinfecting power of UV-C light (254 nm wavelength) and cutting-edge technologies in LED, electronics, sensors, cloud and AI to deliver products designed to destroy 99.9%+ of various airborne and surface pathogens including influenza and coronaviruses such as SARS and SARS-Cov-2. Our impactful, affordable and chemical-free disinfection solutions for indoor spaces include nUVo™ a portable UV-C air disinfection tower, abUV™ an integrated LED circadian lighting and UV-C air disinfection troffer powered by our award winning EnFocus™ lighting platform, and mUVe™, an autonomous UV-C surface disinfection robot. Together they will promote safer and healthier environments in public spaces and our homes around the world.

We expect our UV-C Disinfection Solutions could be eligible expenses for CARES Act emergency funding when purchased by eligible recipients in response to the coronavirus public health emergency.

UV-C Disinfection Solutions FAQs

Energy Focus UV-C Disinfection Solutions - nUVo™, mUVe™, & abUV™

nUVo™ — Portable UV-C Air Disinfection Room Device – Continuous 24 Hour Airborne Virus Disinfection; 99.9%+ Effective

The nUVo™ portable UV-C air disinfection device provides powerful, continuous air disinfection and enables easy transport between rooms. With an enclosed UV-C chamber it can achieve 4 air changes per hour (4 ACH) in a 200-square-foot room. nUVo™ doesn’t need filter changes and the easily replaced UV-C lighting module lasts over 10,000 hours (over 2 years if used 12 hours per day on average).

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nUVo™ -- Portable UV-C Air Disinfection Tower for Homes and Offices

abUV™ — EnFocus™ Circadian Lighting + UV-C Air Disinfection Troffer – Continuous 24 Hour Airborne Virus Disinfection; 99.9%+ Effective

The abUV™ troffer system leverages Energy Focus’ patent-pending, award-winning EnFocusTM lighting control platform that enables simple replacement of existing fluorescent or LED fixtures and wall switches to immediately provide facilities continuous air disinfection alongside highest quality LED lighting—flicker-free, dimming and color tunable. abUV™ is the ultimate integrated lighting and disinfection system for post-COVID-19 public spaces, be it hospitals, schools, offices, retail stores or public assemblies.

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abUV™ -- EnFocus™ Circadian Lighting + UV-C Air Disinfection Troffer

mUVe™ — UV-C Surface Disinfection Robot – 99.99%+ Effective

An autonomous surface disinfection robot that enables chemical-free disinfection with 99.99%+ effectiveness within the range of 1 meter (or 3.3 feet). All surfaces within the line of sight of the robot as well as the floor will be disinfected with a focused, powerful beam of UV-C. Moving at an amazing speed of 16 inches per second, mUVeTM could disinfect 99.99% of approximately 10,000 square feet of space within one hour. And with cloud-based mapping capability, machine vision powered sensors and voice warning systems, mUVeTM can be operated easily and safely.

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mUVe™ -- UV-C Surface Disinfection Robot