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The industry-leading innovator of LED lighting technologies bringing you greater energy efficiency, sustainability, and wellness.

Your Home Is Energy

Experience the power of LED technology with our extensive range of lighting options

30% Save Your Money

Switch to LED and save big on energy costs while enjoying a brighter, more vibrant environment

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Guaranteed energy and maintenance savings. Our flicker-free LED lighting improves visual acuity, won’t interfere with life-saving medical equipment, and provides the highest quality of light.

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Military & Maritime

Energy Focus has been the trusted provider of TLED products to the U.S. military since 2007. Our Buy American products go through rigorous MIL-SPEC qualifications to ensure they’re mission-ready.

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Classroom lighting can make a huge impact on the learning outcomes of our students.

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Contractors & Agencies

Drastically reduce energy, HVAC and maintenance costs by replacing your facility’s lighting with Energy Focus LED solutions.

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We offer a variety of solutions for any sized industrial project including hazardous locations.

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We offer a variety of solutions for any sized commercial project including hazardous locations.

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Sustainable & Affordable Energy!

A Leader In Sustainable LED Lighting

Enabling our customers to run their facilities with greater efficiency, sustainability, and wellness through enlightening and inspiring LED lighting technologies.

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Our lights have been on Navy Ships

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At Energy Focus, sustainability is our first and last thought. Our latest innovation, the patent- pending EnFocus™ lighting control platform, embodies the true spirit of “Triple Bottom Line” benefits - financial, environmental, and health. The EnFocus™ platform—with LED lamps and wall switches—leverages existing wiring to provide dimming (EnFocus™ DM Series) and color tuning controls (EnFocus™ DCT Series) to provide a controlled lighting system that is affordable and accessible for existing buildings. In other words, EnFocus™ can enhance occupant well-being and maximize energy savings without the extra costs associated with existing lighting controls that typically require adding data cables or high frequency hardware that increases cost and may create a security risk.

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