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Big Sandy Independent School District

Energy Focus Case Studies


What I really like about the lights is that the students are able to concentrate better. [...] Keeps them on task because they are more awake, it's brighter. It's like having the outside and bringing it in.

Penny Snow, Teacher,

Big Sandy Independent School District

The main campus of Big Sandy Independent School District was built in 1973. Most of the interior lighting being fluorescent T12 lamps. Lighting was a weekly maintenance routine, replacing ballasts and tubes that would fail regularly. They needed a better lighting solution that would be cost effective and allow maintenance workers the ability to tackle other projects on the school grounds.


E3 conducted an energy study for Big Sandy ISD and suggested Energy Focus lamps to help with the school districts pain points of reducing energy and maintenance costs. Big Sandy ISD underwent a complete retrofit of about 2400 fixtures, consisting of indoor and outdoor lighting. The main driving factor for moving forward with Energy Focus on this project was the 4-year ROI.


Not only are there maintenance and cost saving benefits, but the lights no longer flicker, and the classrooms are brighter. Students are able to concentrate better, and they can see the work in front of them. Teachers would have to use supplemental light during classes. Brighter light makes the students feel more awake and alert in classes.


If you are looking for a more sustainable solution to lighting, contact us to get more information on how Energy Focus LED lighting can help with your energy saving initiatives.

Big Sandy Independent School District LED Lighting Retrofit