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Energy Focus Case Studies


By scaling up, we were able to manage the project and achieve savings on parts and installation. By retrofitting the fixtures [rather than replacing them], the project made economic sense without incentives, even with a low electricity rate ($0.07).

Jon Utech, Senior Director of the Office for a Healthy Environment,

Cleveland Clinic

These lighting retrofits are expected to cut electric consumption by 28.6 M kWh each year for a total annual savings of over $2 million. This will reduce its carbon footprint by nearly 19,400 tons of CO2 annually – equivalent to taking 3,600 cars off the road.


Cleveland Clinic purchased the lights for this project from Energy Focus, Inc. We worked with Cleveland Clinic to provide the optimal LED lighting solutions. As part of this process, 20 different products were reviewed and eight were tested in mock ups of different sizes to come to a final lighting system choice.


The LED Lighting Project created 10 new manufacturing jobs in addition to 10 new installation jobs. Creating a total project plan helped to keep the overall retrofit project on schedule. Patients and caregivers have commented positively on the improved lighting quality.