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Commercial DEBB and T5HO | Save Time and Energy with New Energy Focus LED Tubes

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Lighting is all around us, so when it comes to replacing your existing lamp, the biggest factors are ease of replacement and time.

The new Energy Focus Commercial Double-Ended Ballast Bypass LED tube and T5HO LED tube are the first lamps from Energy Focus to use Double-Ended Ballast Bypass (DEBB) technology. This technology allows you to plug your replacement lamp directly into an existing fluorescent socket, eliminating the need to replace lamp holders. This reduces installation time by an average of five minutes per lamp while maintaining Energy Focus’ rigorous installation safety and performance standards.

The Commercial DEBB LED tube is designed for standard, indoor applications like office spaces, classrooms, hospitals, and retail spaces.  By providing up to 2,100 lumens using 15 watts, each lamp provides an impressive 140 lm/W efficacy. It features a double-ended design with a direct-wire installation mode which allows existing tombstones (shunted or unshunted) to be utilized. This provides customers with significant savings by reducing the average retrofit installation time. The Commercial DEBB does not depend on any ballast to function normally, minimizing points of failure and requiring less maintenance.

The T5HO LED tube will provide the same time-saving DEBB technology, but outputs a whopping 3,380-lumen per tube with 130lm/W efficacy! Use the T5HO for high-bay fixtures, warehouses, or any high ceiling applications. These 46″ tubes are double-ended in design, therefore, replacement of existing lamp holders are not required when retrofitting. The Energy Focus T5 High Output LED Tube exceeds the nominal 5/8” tube diameter and is not recommended where mechanical interference of fixture, lens, or louvers may occur.

The Commercial DEBB and the T5HO LED tubes to provide energy efficient solutions the LED lighting market has been waiting for!

If you are interested in learning more about the DEBB or T5, you can contact our customer service representatives using our online form.