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Delta Systems

Energy Focus Case Studies


Delta Systems is a designer and manufacturer of switches, displays and electronic controls located in Streetsboro, Ohio, who had been partnering with customers to provide innovative solutions to the outdoor power equipment industry for more than 40 years. Delta Systems had taken a proactive approach to learn about LED technology in order to find a retrofit solution that could provide high-quality lighting for their warehouse and office spaces. They decided to go with Energy Focus LED lights and have been extremely happy with the results of their complete retrofit.

The energy and maintenance savings were the driving factors behind the switch to LED since Delta Systems was eligible for a First Energy rebate to install high-efficiency lighting.


 However, an added bonus to the project included improving the overall lighting quality, which means the company’s employees are no longer subject to the color spikes from the old fluorescent lights that were causing chronic eye-fatigue, while viewing highly-detailed products in their facility. The light is now “even and clean,” said Matt Mohler, the facility manager at Delta Systems.


The decision to replace the existing T5 54W existing fluorescents with T8 18W tubes was met with controversy, over the ability to match the existing light candle output from the high bays, however, just six LED lamps produced more foot candle output and dispersed the light better than eight 54W lamps. This change allowed Delta Systems to cut energy costs by 75% while improving the overall light output.


If you’re interested in retrofitting your industrial or commercial space, contact us and a customer service agent will be able to help you find the perfect products for your needs.