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Does Your VA Hospital Have Healthy Lighting?

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  1. A Veteran’s Affairs Hospital, or VA Hospital, is a healthcare facility that helps heal the individuals who serve our country after they’re returned from active duty. Because of the injuries that can be sustained in active duty, VA Hospitals specialize in treating patients holistically, considering past traumas and incorporating physical as well as mental therapies.

    In addition to holistic treatment, the type of lighting in the facility can bear a great weight in the health of the patient. Retrofitting existing lighting with LED lighting can keep veterans healthy while recovering. The benefits of making the switch from legacy lights to LED lights can make a substantial difference in how a healthcare facility is run and can impact the health of the patient. The largest benefits come in the form of energy savings, reliability and quality, and low optical flicker.

    1. Energy Savings

    VA Hospitals run 24/7/365, meaning the lights are always on. In order to produce enough light, legacy lighting must use an inefficient amount of power. A healthcare facility that makes the switch to Energy Focus LED lighting can expect to see a significant reduction in energy costs. LED lighting can output more light while using 50% less energy than legacy fixtures. The funds saved from the electricity costs has the potential to be applied to the patient, such as hiring more staff or purchasing better medical equipment.

    2. Reliability & Quality

    Dependable, quality lighting is imperative to running a successful hospital. Energy Focus products are available in various color temperature, including 5000K which mimics natural sunlight. The light wavelengths from LEDs and natural sunlight help suppress the creation of melatonin, making hospital staff more alert and less likely to make mistakes. With this improved light wavelength, the visible color accuracy also improves. Color accuracy is important for tasks such as reading patient charts and distributing correct medications. On the other spectrum, lower color temperature, like 3500K, and dimming options are also available to keep the patients’ comfort in mind. Not only are Energy Focus LED lamps made with quality, but they are also made with reliability in mind. Energy Focus LED tubes are backed by either a 5-year or 10-year full coverage warranty. In the unlikely event that an Energy Focus LED product should fail before the warranty is over, it is completely covered. The longevity of the lamps means maintenance workers can focus on other important tasks and precious space is not taken up by replacement lamps.

    3. Optical Flicker

    Energy Focus has been concerned with optical flicker in lighting long before the Department of Energy concluded its findings on the detrimental effects of flicker. Energy Focus is the first US company to engineer LED lighting that is UL verified with less than 1% optical flicker. Optical flicker is a silent danger that can pose potential health risks. It can cause eye strain, migraines, or seizures in severe cases. If a patient at a VA Hospital is already suffering from head trauma or seizures, optical flicker can exacerbate these issues. Additionally, flicker can cause a potential stroboscopic effect, which may render barcode scanners useless and can make moving machinery appear still. This can cause hazardous working situations for both patients and healthcare workers. In some cases, flicker is not visible to the naked eye. However, it is easy to tell if the lights in a VA Hospital have optical flicker by recording the lights with a cell phone camera and playing it back in slow motion. Energy Focus has created a video demonstration, which is linked below.

    Read the case study on Russell Medical Center to see how switching to Energy Focus LEDs positively impacted the healthcare facility. If you have questions or would like to begin the process of retrofitting your VA Hospital with Energy Focus LED lighting, please contact us.