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East Memorial Christian Academy

Energy Focus Case Studies


The maintenance was just too much. I have one maintenance man and I had other projects for him to be doing besides replacing light bulbs all the time. Lights would be out every day.

Bryan Easley, Administrator and Headmaster,

East Memorial Christian Academy

East Memorial Christian Academy (EMCA) is a 47,000 sq.ft school located in Prattville, Alabama. They have one maintenance man who was having to replace fluorescent bulbs and ballasts every single day. The maintenance was just too much for them to handle.


Since they installed Energy Focus LED lamps, they have had not had to replace lamps, freeing up time to complete other important tasks around the school.


Teachers have been particularly happy with the new installation. Lights in classrooms would not always turn on, leaving students with only 75% of lighting to complete their coursework. All they have to do now is flip a switch and all the lights will be consistently on and working.


On top of the maintenance costs, their power bill on average would be around $12,000 per month. Now with Energy Focus lamps, they were able to cut the bill by several thousand dollars.


If you are looking for a more sustainable solution to lighting, contact us to get more information on how Energy Focus LED lighting can help with your energy saving initiatives.

East Memorial Christian Academy LED Lighting Retrofit