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Environment + Energy Leader Features EnFocus™ in Spotlight Article

Energy Focus News


Environment + Energy Leader has featured the Energy Focus’s innovative product, the EnFocus™ LED lighting control platform, on their website.

The system replaces existing wall switches and fluorescent or tubular LEDs with a control package that includes switches and LED lamps that are dimmable and color tunable, without requiring additional wiring and electrical work. EnFocus™ lets users add controllability to any application by using its switch to communicate with the lamps over the AC wires, Energy Focus said. It retains more than 0.90 power factor as the lamps dim to 10% power so end users can achieve additional energy savings while maintaining essentially flicker-free light output, the company added. Energy Focus says that its lighting controls can provide around 30% of additional energy savings for the lighting system.

Environment + Energy Leader Since 2007, Environment + Energy Leader’ has provided the news, best practices and research that have influenced environment, energy and sustainability conversations–and powered decision-making. It has many resources to help its readers tackle environment and energy management challenges in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and minimize resource waste.

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