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Fighting Flicker Webinar

Energy Focus Blog


  1. Energy Focus’ Chief Technology Officer Laszlo Takacs, Chief Scientist John Davenport, and Product Marketing Manager Yumi Alanoly provided a presentation on Fighting Flicker: The Impact of Flicker in Lighting, Thursday, February 15, 2018.

    The Impact of Flicker in Lighting webinar provided a fresh understanding on how flicker affects the human physiology and what LED technology is doing about it. Our experts covered:

    • How the human eye sees light and when flicker is detected
    • The hidden side effects of flicker and went beyond the common misconception that it only causes headaches
    • Covered the root of why flicker is such a big deal and the many organizations that are also studying flicker
    • How the LED revolution is implementing measurement standards to reduce and correct flicker

    You might be surprised to learn how much flicker can come from your lights. Because the impact of flicker-induced problems can be lighting-related this webinar urges you to ask the question “are your lights the best for your health?”

    You can view the presentation here!