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Flicker: How to Avoid It, Test for It, & Fix It

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  1. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory collaborated on a presentation about flicker at this year’s LIGHTFAIR International 2018.

    The presentation covers:

    • why we should care about flicker
    • how flicker affects your health and wellness
    • where flicker in lighting can occur
    • what you can do, starting today, to remove flicker in lighting

    Read the entire presentation on how flicker could be affecting you by clicking here

    Energy Focus strongly believes in pushing the topic of understanding and eliminating flicker in lighting. In 2018, we are promoting an #EndFlicker advocacy campaign where we are creating webinars, education materials, and setting an example for the lighting industry with our flicker-free LED products. Energy Focus creates quality products that are currently used by the U.S. Navy. This same exact technology goes into all of our commercial products as well, creating the world’s best LED solution.

    If you would like to learn more about Energy Focus’ commitment to ending flicker in LED lighting, sign up for our End Flicker Webinar series, or contact us for more information.

New research at Indiana University of Pennsylvania looks into the benefits of Energy Focus’ 100% flicker-free LED lighting. See what they have to say in this video!