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Hartville Marketplace

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Hartville Marketplace is an indoor market perfect for any weather in Ohio. They have a two-story building with more than 100,000 square feet which houses more than 95 individually-owned shops selling everything from food to clothes, jewelry, and accessories, including three restaurants. In February 2015, Energy Focus completed a complete LED retrofit of the market, successfully installing LEDs for a variety of retailing applications at a single location. We improved light quality for Hartville Marketplace, with a very attractive payback that will provide them with savings over the next decade.

“It makes the food look better…People talk about the way the clothes look… and the jewelry sparkles more.”

Marion Coblentz

Two problems that many people face with their linear fluorescents is they tend to quickly burn out and change colors quickly. These are huge problems, especially for retailers trying to create a pleasant shopping venue for their customers. Hartville Marketplace also wanted to satisfy their vendors by providing lights that would enhance the displays of their products. Energy Focus LEDs made a great improvement in the color rendering of the products for sale in the market. Produce looked more vibrant and the directional quality of the light reduced the amount of glare caused by fluorescents. With a complete LED retrofit, the Hartville Marketplace is also saving an extensive amount in energy costs and lighting maintenance.


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Hartville Marketplace Case Study