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Rushwood Elementary School

Energy Focus Case Studies


We have a unique, open classroom situation, so we got to see what the LED bulbs looked like compared to the other fluorescent bulbs and the difference was just incredibly amazing from the beginning.

Alison Monsman, First Grade Teacher,

Rushwood Elementary School

The overall Nordonia Hills City School District in Cleveland, Ohio had been looking at doing an energy conservation program and LED lighting options were one of the options they were considering upgrading.


One of the schools, Rushwood Elementary School, decided that they desperately needed that change. While lighting was unevenly distributed in most classrooms, some of the special needs teachers were not even using their overhead lighting. The students in the special needs classes were being overstimulated by the flicker in the fluorescent lighting.


They opted for Energy Focus LED lamps for their retrofit, because of the flicker-free lighting and the ability to utilize existing fixtures. They loved that the installation process was so simple to complete.


Teachers responded positively to the new lighting, commenting that words are easier to see on paper and the light overall was brighter and crisper than their old fluorescent lighting. Some teachers even complained of headaches from the legacy lighting, which were drastically reduced once the new LED lighting was installed.


On top of the flicker-free and health benefits, Rushwood Elementary saw an 11% reduction in electric consumption. In addition, after one year of installation, there has been zero lamp failures.


If you are looking for a flicker-free solution to lighting, contact us to get more information on how Energy Focus LED lighting can help.


Rushwood Elementary School LED Lighting Retrofit