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St. John’s University Bread and Life

Energy Focus Case Studies


I researched LED lighting to find out what the high-efficiency LED technology is versus the incumbent fluorescent lamp and Energy Focus popped out from the crowd as a very good quality product with a lot of good technology behind that quality.

Thomas Goldsmith, Director of Sustainability,

St. John's Bread and Life

St. John’s University came out of St. John the Baptist Church about 38 years ago in response to a hunger crisis by the reduction in emergency food resources, such as big cuts in food stamps. It is now a freestanding non-profit that serves about one million meals a year and provides other services for those in need.


St. John’s signed a carbon challenge back in 2007, which was a commitment to save 30% of air emissions and greenhouse gasses. Switching to Energy Focus LED lighting allowed them to meet this reduction as well as save on their replacement costs and energy consumption costs. Saving money is important as a non-profit, as this allows St. John’s University Bread and Life to spend the money in ways that are most impactful.


Lighting was about 20% of the total energy consumption. By switching to Energy Focus LED lamps, they will be saving about $500,000 per year and reducing their 400 million kwh per year consumption by 13,000 kwh. This reduction in energy savings is equal to reducing the carbon footprint by 5.5 metric tons of CO2 equivalent. This is the same as taking about 1.2 cars off the road per year by just switching out the lighting.


If you are looking for a sustainable solution to lighting, contact us to get more information on how Energy Focus LED lighting can help with your carbon footprint reducing initiatives.

St. John’s University Bread and Life LED Lighting Retrofit