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What Does UL Certification Mean for LED Lighting?

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UL (Underwriters Laboratorieshas been a world leader in product safety testing and certification  for more than 100 years. 

What does it mean to be UL Certified?

UL certification is not simply a sticker you can pay for to put on your products. Manufacturers must have their merchandise evaluated by UL to test for safety risks. UL is an independent, third-party safety certification organization, so they are not biased towards any company or product. In order to become UL certified, a product must pass rigorous testing performed by UL. 

What does UL Certification mean for LED Lighting?

When an LED lighting product is submitted for UL testing, it is assessed for any public safety risks, including the risk of overheating, electric shock and fire. Energy Focus LED lighting products have gone through this testing process to make sure our LED lighting exceeds the highest safety standards. 

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